He’s one of my favorite recent rap musicians and I came across this excellent TED talk by Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi) about his challenges from being a young teen & going forward to live his passion and pursuit for happiness… wise words from this 31 year old success story who’s super down to earth.

A must see for my boys (and any other young person)…

and a couple of my favourite music tracks from him (keep in mind, he’s being sarcastic and self-deprecating with his lyrics and visuals … 🙂):

Day n Nite




The Pursuit of Happiness



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So, winter hadn’t even officially started yet, and Montréal and most of Québec got a big snow storm – about 30-35cm fell in most areas of Montreal and the suburbs.

Out in the country though, in particular at our country home in Rockburn (Hinchinbrook) Quebec, there was even more – 52.5cm of snow as measured by a neighbour. It’s located just north of the US border, and at the foot of Covey Hill which is probably the northern edge of the Appalachian Mountain range and Adirondack mountains. So we get a lot of run off.

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Zachary en T-Shirt des Canadiens et Tristan derrière lui.


Ah, T & Z semble avoir bien apprécié leur première journée au Camp de la mort extrême, un nouveau camp organisé par l’équipe qui nous organise le très populaire Patinage pas de Niaisage.



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OK, a bit of a breather over lunch after a hectic morning; 2 of my colleagues are out of the office while they take 5 days of training on Windows Server 2008.
I just realized that I haven’t published anything here since the mid-Spring several months ago! Don’t worry, I’ll be soon retroactively sharing some stories of my adventures and fun over the extended leave I enjoyed with the family over the summer.

Smashed Chevy Venture windshieldSo it was a brisk Sunday morning yesterday just before 8:00am as I drove on a local road near my home when suddenly a bit of a whooshing sound… I had about 0.25s to view the hood on my Chevy Venture rising up… and then a resounding smashing sound as it hit the windshield hard. The Chevy Venture hood has the front grill integrated into it and as such includes a near 90° angle. That hood angle is what caused most of the damage to the windshield which, despite being severely cracked, did not completely shatter. I was able to solidly close and latch the hood afterward, which surprised me a bit; I’m guessing it was improperly latched during a recent service visit or perhaps by me when I check the oil and other engine components.

As always, it could have been much worse, since I was driving on a secondary road at only about 65-75 km/h; I’m quite convinced the damage (and potential collision risk) would have been much worse if I were on a faster and busier highway.

I realized afterward that I had lost the chrome grill inlay and I returned with the boys (they weren’t with me at the time it happened) and Tristan was most proud to spot the shiny chrome grill just barely peeking out of the grass on the side of the road.

That was actually a good thing since just the replacement grill on eBay goes for between USD $70-105 and that’s not including shipping. Extra large bowl of ice cream for Tristan (and Zach, who checked his side of the road)… ;)

Ah, it could have been worse… but still, about $450-600 all included to have the windshield (and possible molding) replaced. So, it’s riding my great Trek 6500zx bike for a couple of days depending on the repair delay…

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Ahhh.. 28c dehors, soleil, pas de nuages et dans l’après-midi nous avons passé 3 heures au Bowling Cosmos en face de l’hôpital Charles-Lemoyne au Champion Lanes.

Just for the record:

Best score was me with 116, Tristan with 92 and Zachary with 61.

L’équipe était pas mal tous la, en plus des familles et amis pour supporter ….

Photos à suivre une autre fois ;)

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