OK, so I doubt Anthony Robbins will ever come to Montreal, but I’m still hoping that he’ll at least head up to the Northeast States… Boston or NYC perhaps?

His next gig for the ubiquitous UPW – Unleash the Power Within for 2011 is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida… there are 5 levels of tickets (but Tony calls them “commitments”); General Admission, Executive, VIP, Diamond and Diamond Premiere. The prices range from $995 to $2595 – what is interesting that there is a $200-300 discount on the first three UPW packages, but the Diamond levels are at their regular price levels.

It may seem pricey, but it’s a 3 day (March 24-27) full seminar with Tony so this is the so-called real deal.

It’s a bit short notice (and $$$) for me to invest in right now, but if you’re thinking of attending UPW, you may as well check out the discount pricing… if you’re a Canadian, the good news is that our dollar is stronger than the US greenback, so it’s actually most likely to be cheaper to see Tony in the US

If anyone has any tips or dates for when he’ll be doing an in person seminar closer to Canada, please share in the comments below!