He’s one of my favorite recent rap musicians and I came across this excellent TED talk by Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi) about his challenges from being a young teen & going forward to live his passion and pursuit for happiness… wise words from this 31 year old success story who’s super down to earth.

A must see for my boys (and any other young person)…

and a couple of my favourite music tracks from him (keep in mind, he’s being sarcastic and self-deprecating with his lyrics and visuals … 🙂):

Day n Nite




The Pursuit of Happiness



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So, winter hadn’t even officially started yet, and MontrĂ©al and most of QuĂ©bec got a big snow storm – about 30-35cm fell in most areas of Montreal and the suburbs.

Out in the country though, in particular at our country home in Rockburn (Hinchinbrook) Quebec, there was even more – 52.5cm of snow as measured by a neighbour. It’s located just north of the US border, and at the foot of Covey Hill which is probably the northern edge of the Appalachian Mountain range and Adirondack mountains. So we get a lot of run off.

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Zachary en T-Shirt des Canadiens et Tristan derrière lui.


Ah, T & Z semble avoir bien apprĂ©ciĂ© leur première journĂ©e au Camp de la mort extrĂŞme, un nouveau camp organisĂ© par l’Ă©quipe qui nous organise le très populaire Patinage pas de Niaisage.



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So Santa Claus got some snowshoes for both Zachary and Tristan … so I thought since we had a break from the usual busy hockey and other sports’ schedules this lovely Saturday that we could drive out to the country place … Turns out it was the right decision and the super sunny and relatively mild weather made it perfect for Tristan and I to explore the forest on my mom’s property. Tristan enjoyed trailblazing routes where it was a bit tougher for a 6’4+ father to crouch underneath.

He was particularly impressed with the steel rails on the MSR Shift snowshoes which make them pretty efficient for scrambling up steep pitches – and possibly escaping from the multitude of animals (bears, rabbits, deer and moose tracks according to Tristan, though I think the reality may be a bit less varied … who knows!)

The MSR Shift snowshoes ($89.95 regular price at most stores including Mountain Equipment Coop, Cabela’s Canada, Sail and several others) are pretty well designed. The rep at Sail, where Santa Claus found them, recommended them because of the traction bars / rails which, in combination with the standard crampons at the front are good for traction both uphill and downhill.

They won’t provide serious floating in super powdery snow, but that’s balanced out by good agility and Tristan loves running in them.

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Well, I just managed to completely fix Tristan’s beloved Star Wars watch. A few months ago, he had forgotten to take it off his arm when enjoying the whirlpool bathtub at my mom’s place in the country… he was almost inconsolable upset and in tears when he realised that the watch was seemingly kaput for good by the water.

The FAB / Starpoint SW-WH-303 Star Wars watch is only US $5.99 on Amazon.com, but it was far more about his sadness at having broken the gift watch that his mother had bought for him – in addition, Zachary also has one.

Anyhow, so I had kept the watch aside for several months… and this weekend suggested to him that he put it on the Christmas tree in the hopes that Santa would perhaps repair it…

So, Santa being as busy as he/she is with all her deliverables these days, I figured I would give it a shot… took the case apart and reset it and magically all functions are working! It’ll be wrapped up and put back on the tree :) …

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