Amanda Todd

Simply put, if you’re a parent of kids – boys or girls – you need to watch the incredible investigation (totally depressing, but essential watching) by CBC Fifth Estate on the online sextortion, harassment, and shaming to the point that Amanda Todd took her own life. All this despite several critical warning signs by both Amanda and her family to authorities including the RCMP.

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Just finished watching an excellent CBC The Fifth Estate episode on ‘The Switch from Hell’ about the GM cover-up of their faulty ignition switch which would go from the ‘run’ to ‘accessory’ position thus causing loss of all power functions including power steering, power brakes and worst… air bag deployment. The situation caused the deaths of dozens of GM drivers of Pontiac Pursuit, Chevy Cobalt and Saturn Ion vehicles from the early to mid-2000 model years. Several Canadian victims were involved.

All of it seems to have revealed a culture of profit over even the most basic corporate (and human) responsibility …

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So, cooking is done (South African beef chili curry) and I’m relaxing trying to decide which romance oriented news / documentary / show I should be watching.

I’m flickin’ back and forth between Dr. Helen Fisher on ABC 20/20 ; she’s Chief Scientific Advisor for a big dating site with an awesome domain name and has spoken at the TED Conference too. When I turned the system on, it was tuned to CBC Newsworld with The Fifth Estate show Strangers in Paradise about how people get totally owned and into Second Life…. living in a total fantasy world.

Times sure have changed from when I met my first real girlfriend at the bus stop outside the apartment.