Alors de nos jours, aller au cinéma coûte assez cher – surtout avec le prix astronomique de popcorn et boissons gazeuses qui sont souvent pas mal plus que le billet pour le film!

Si vous ne connaissez pas le site Groupon – c’est un site de rabais pour les achats en groupe : voilà donc, groupe et coupon = Groupon.

Ce weekend, Groupon Canada offre un forfait intéressant pour les gens de la région de Montréal et Ottawa/Hull/Gatineau; deux billets de cinémas Cinestarz avec deux popcorns moyens et boissons gazeuses pour … $14.99! Ça indique une valeur de $30 qui est assez réaliste. Le prix régulier pour les billets au Cinestarz est $4.99 à $7.99 chaque et on n’a pas calculé le popcorn (ok, mais soufflé) et liqueurs donc… un bon deal!

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Got a notice for an excellent deal on the impressive BBC Planet Earth Complete Series Blu-Ray set for only $34.99 at the Discovery Store … today only (until 23H59 December 15th!) at the Discovery Store.

Planet Earth DVD at Discovery store

The Planet Earth series (David Attenborough) has to be one of the most visually impressive series covering all the natural wonders of the planet. I think this is probably one of the first (and most essential) HD Blu-Ray discs worth buying. Of course, to play this you’ll need both a Blu-Ray player *and* ideally a full 1080i/p TV set. Otherwise they have the regular (non-HD) DVD set for $42.46.

What’s better? This includes FREE standard shipping inside the US. In addition, they do ship to Canada ($10) as well as the UK ($34.95 sort of kills it for my UK blokes)…

I saw a preview in the theatre yesterday for this and it’s pretty mesmerizing. Since it’s done by the BBC I’m pretty sure the content matches the visuals. Have a look at the Amazon reviews (Over 1800 reviews with average of 4.5+ stars)…

For reference, prices at other stores: $59.99 (Canada): $74.99

Indigo / Chapters Canada: $87.46

Best Buy (USA): $64.99

BBC Canada Shop: 84.98

Even on eBay, the majority of starting auction prices are higher than $34.99 – and that doesn’t include shipping, and variable delays depending on which eBay seller you happen to wind up buying from. Mouse over the items in the widget below to see the current prices:

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A pretty good (free!) deal for several family type movies. It’s at the brand new Cineplex Odeon Dix30 theatre … which is in a huge new shopping complex at the junction of highway 10 and highway 30 in Brossard.

The free matinee movies are on Sunday, August 20 starting between 8:30-10:30 a.m.

The films are in French … oui des films en français et il faut imprimer le coupon plus bas et c’est premier arrivé, premier servi.

Oh and Caillou and the RamDam comedians will be there.

Click and print the following coupon image and bring it along.

CinePlex Odeon Free Movie Pass for August 20.

En passant, si vous aimez regarder des films (et préfère *pas* télécharger des copies totalements massacrées via des Torrents, mais bien avoir les versions originales) je vous conseiller fortement d’essayer – ils offre la location de DVD avec un essai gratuit pour deux semaines. Fini les voyages au centre d’achat… je l’ai essayé et j’adore ça.

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Wind in the Willows DVD on Amazon Canada

On November 23, 2005, in Kids, Movies, by Robin

Well, the boys are probably going to be getting the Wind in the Willows DVD collections from Oma… A classic, and looks like a great DVD compilation.

Some good stuff at Amazon, as always, and they’ve really improved their Canadian Site.

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