Sigh… network problems at Frankfurt airport which caused the loss of the weather network data connection to the air traffic control tower had FRA closed for almost an hour this morning between 6:35 and 7:25 (Germany time).

… which had my moms flight AC9132 (codeshare with Lufthansa LH1051) returned back to Dresden from Frankfurt since the latter was closed.

(updated this info 8:34 EST)

The airport was shrouded by fog and the control tower had no access to weather data, forcing the cancellation of all flights.

Airport operator Fraport (FRAG.DE) said 38 departing flights and 37 flights scheduled to arrive were cancelled while 25 mostly long distance flights en route toward Frankfurt were re-directed to Cologne airport, about 200 km (120 miles) away.

The mysterious flight tracking tools have either no information except for FlightStats which shows AC9132 / LH1051 as being “diverted” (!) … and “This flight landed at different airport then it was originally destined to.”

Problem is it doesn’t show where it was diverted to and landed (yet) but I know it has since it was my mom who left me a message with brief details about the closing of Frankfurt and flying back to Dresden and then back to Frankfurt.

Anyhow, she made it back to Frankfurt (FRA) but instead of connecting as usual onto the AC875 flight to Montreal, they’ve booked her on LH470 to Toronto … and ultimately to Montreal on one of the Air Canada Montreal-Toronto shuttles… so far it’s looking like a 5 hour delay all in all, if all goes well to get from FRA to YYZ … and then from YYZ to YUL. Oh wait, it’s snowing here in Montreal!

As of 8:30am EST, LH470 from FRA to YYZ was delayed at least 35 minutes based on the last update ; originally schedule to leave at 1:30pm (FRA time) … now it’s 2:30pm there, and the LH470 flight status shows it as stills scheduled to leave at 2:05pm … with the note:

It is currently later at the departing airport than the expected departure time and the flight is not yet active. This may indicate a delay or cancellation. It may also be that the departure information has not reached one of our data sources yet.

The joys of flying… and networks… and weather networks…

Footnote: She was also on AC875 flying into Montreal when it got lengthily delayed another time … September 11, 2001.

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