Zachary Majumdar au centre avec Hockey St-Basile MAGH-2

Bravo Zachary qui a réussi son premier tour de chapeau (3 buts dans un match) ce matin lors du match de son équipe MAGH-2 (rouge) vs. St-Lambert…

Zach était particulièrement en forme pendant que Tristan, et moi, l’encourageai de nos superbes places dans les estrades a l’aréna Jean Rougeau à St-Basile-le-Grand.

Après son deuxième but Tristan est allé donner quelque conseils a Zachary, durant un changement de ligne, concernant l’idée de faire des feintes sur le gardien de St-Lambert. J’avais dis à Tristan que ça, c’est le travail de l’équipe de coaching (Patrick Germain est le directeur de coaching des équipes Pre-Novice / MAGH a Saint-Basile) mais bon, que veux tu, un frère veut toujours (sans le dire) aider son plus jeune a mieux jouer. Ca fonctionné et quelques minutes plus tard, Zachary avait réussi son 3e but.


Hats off to Zachary who had his 1st hat trick (3 goals in a game) this morning in the game between his MAGH-2 (red) team vs. the visiting St-Lambert…

Zach was particularly in shape while Tristan, and I, cheered him on from our great spots in the stands at the Jean-Rougeau Arena in St-Basile-le-Grand.

After his second goal, Tristan went to give a few tips to Zachary, while there was a line change, suggesting he try faking shots on the St-Lambert goalie. I had said to Tristan that it was the job of the coaching staff (lead by Patrick German, coaching director of the Saint-Basile pre-novice / MAGH teams) but alas… a brother always wants to help out (without admitting it) his younger sibling to play better. It worked and Zachary scored his hat trick 3rd goal a few minutes later.

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For all those looking for a great natural Christmas tree at a great price, I can heartily recommend Ikea… yes, Ikea and NO, no allen key is required to install this lovely natural pine tree. Ikea owns their own Christmas tree farms and they are managed – that is, all trees sold are replaced.

Zachary, Tristan and I were at the Boucherville Ikea around 840 EST this morning and there were MANY trees there (and few cars in the parking lot) … they had received a fresh batch that morning (or night before)… you have to go in to pay for the tree and get your $20 off $75 coupon.

That’s right – all their trees are $20 – and you get a $20 off $75 Ikea coupon valid as of January 2nd until March 2009. Well worth it.

We hauled the tree back (after having $1.00 and $1.99 breakfast plates with eggs, croissant, potatoes, sausage, bacon and/or mini-pancakes stuffed with apples) to the house. Later on, Zachary assisted in sawing off the 1/2 “ bit of the trunk and we all aligned and screwed it in the house upstairs. Their help was essential given that I’m still severely limping around following the surgery.

Now it smells lovely in here, and tomorrow we decorate it!

Pics forthcoming…

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Just wondering if anyone besides the SO/GF saw this… I’m not a huge fan of Dr. Phil in general (cushy advice from someone in a cushy position pushing oft obvious advice on sensationalist stories that capitalize on people at their weakest state)…

Nonetheless, I’ll be looking into his report on kids separated from their parents following the parents’ separation and how the system tends to prefer alienation (willing, unwilling, but systemic) of the father.

It’s not a new issue, but I’m wondering about what his approach was…. in comparison about societal (judicial) jurisprudence in the matter (i.e. Canada’s Family Law on parental alienation…)

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Tristan (with his black jersey teammates) won the St-Basile-le-Grand soccer U8 semi-finals!

Well it was perfect weather; sunny and about 22 Celsius… the field was pretty much dry and the two U8 teams were VERY closely matched with only one goal being scored by the black jerseys well into the 2nd half of the match. There was plenty of action at both ends of the field, both offensively and of course Tristan did a great job on defense.

He was most proud of his game, and the other team was a bit dejected after the game… but such is competitive sport, and it is about the fun after all.

Zach was onhand (and very happy to see me) and we cheered Tristan on – although Zachary wanted to play soccer with me :)

The final game is tomorrow morning! Bravo les gars!!

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Well, I finally decided on taking advantage of the lovely weather and doing a picnic lunch (instead of the usual $20-25 resto lunches for the three of us.

Tristan enjoying the swing

So after their swimming lessons, a quick run over to the adjacent park… some swinging followed by a nice simple lunch. Tristan, of course, wanted peanut butter on his sandwich whereas Zachary feasted on Double Fruit blueberry jam. They both had 3 sandwiches on that great pumpernickle bread, accompanied by Moishe’s dill pickles (the best ones!) …
Zachary enjoying the Double Fruit blueberry jam on pumpernickel bread..

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