Amanda Todd

Simply put, if you’re a parent of kids – boys or girls – you need to watch the incredible investigation (totally depressing, but essential watching) by CBC Fifth Estate on the online sextortion, harassment, and shaming to the point that Amanda Todd took her own life. All this despite several critical warning signs by both Amanda and her family to authorities including the RCMP.

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Alors de nos jours, aller au cinéma coûte assez cher – surtout avec le prix astronomique de popcorn et boissons gazeuses qui sont souvent pas mal plus que le billet pour le film!

Si vous ne connaissez pas le site Groupon – c’est un site de rabais pour les achats en groupe : voilà donc, groupe et coupon = Groupon.

Ce weekend, Groupon Canada offre un forfait intéressant pour les gens de la région de Montréal et Ottawa/Hull/Gatineau; deux billets de cinémas Cinestarz avec deux popcorns moyens et boissons gazeuses pour … $14.99! Ça indique une valeur de $30 qui est assez réaliste. Le prix régulier pour les billets au Cinestarz est $4.99 à $7.99 chaque et on n’a pas calculé le popcorn (ok, mais soufflé) et liqueurs donc… un bon deal!

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So I woke up around 7:45am this morning. It was a dark and (very) rainy morning in the Montreal area, complete with lightning. I started the coffee machine and then washed up and logged on to check my email and a few sites. I saw my mom online on MSN / Skype…

I was already sufficiently stressed out because I’m leaving for Germany in a few days, and there were plenty of personal and work issues to handle before I left.

One thing I was reassured about was that a friend will be staying at my place while I’m away, taking care of my cat, getting rid of the junk mail at the front door, and (hopefully) keeping my flat relatively clean. (Ya, right!) Now I just have to figure out how we’ll get to the airport… perhaps by taxi, maybe by shuttle, etc, since I don’t think most of my friends are available logistically to give a lift.

So, in the midst of the downpour and dark skies, the phone rings. Odd, it was around 8h30am or so – early for a phone call. I could see from the caller ID that it was my mom.

She announced to me that my Oma (term of endearment in regional German for grand-mother) had died.

Oma was 97 (just recently) but the last few years were filled with severe health problems, suffering and what happens when the body starts to shut down.

Nonetheless, I was quite heartbroken as this trip to Germany was, primarily, to see my Oma one last time and have a sense of closure. On the other hand, it’s a somewhat selfish thing, since Oma was suffering greatly in the last few years and this was more of a blessing than a tragedy.

Fighting tears, I decided to go to work nonetheless and it was a tough day to say the least. I didn’t do any critical server work (or gaffes) as I was obviously pretty distracted. I did manage to do a fair bit of productive (i.e. non-destructive) work in meetings with colleagues both in person and/or via Gotomeeting and Webex, teleconferences, etc.

I wrote to my HR advisor and my manager to see if I could change part of my vacation leave into bereavement leave and that works out.

In retrospect, my sadness was primarily because I didn’t get to see her alive one last time and that was somewhat selfish. Ultimately, she had been in declining health for many years and her passing was deliverance from her suffering. She is now in a better place.

Auf Wiedersehen, Oma. Ich liebe Dich!

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Well, yet another place where I hope to one day visit myself and introduce Zachary and Tristan to the wonders of our world.

Credit to Jon Rawlinson for this superb production on his Canon 5DMKII camera. It’s nothing about the camera but more about the talent of capturing the awesome scene. The song by Barcelona is perfect too.

It’s the Kuroshio Sea Tank at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan.

Pretty magical place to be with the people you love, no?

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Bravo à Tristan pour son beau travail (encore) dans les buts avec les Conquérants de St-Basile-le-Grand dans leur match contre les Éperviers de St-Bruno hier soir… victoire 3-2 !

After so many tough games this first win of the season is well deserved!

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