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OK, so you’re probably here because you heard about the recall of ground beef produced by XL Foods and sold in many supermarkets including Costco. The recall is after tests done by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) which uncovered risks of E.Coli bacteria contaminating the beef. There have not been any cases of discomfort, illness or death in the context of the current recall. It’s a proactive recall.

There are three products sold in Costco warehouses which are affected by the recall (at the moment) and here are the details:

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Lean ground beef 15% fat or less Various Starts with 2 21927 Pack On  Dates between 12AU30 and 12SE15 National

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Lean ground beef patties / 15% fat or less Various Starts with 2 52733 Pack On Dates between 12AU30 and 12SE15 National

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Ground beef tube 86% lean full case / Manual weight Various Starts with 2 97420 Pack On Dates between 12AU30 and 12SE15 National


I bought lean ground beef at Costco about 5-6 days ago so it falls within the date range of products affected by the recall. I haven’t yet searched through my receipts to see if the UPC (universal product code, or barcode) matches the products, but I’m pretty sure it does.

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R.I.P. Frédérik Monarque (1989-2009)

On March 9, 2009, in Health, by Robin

J’ai appris la triste nouvelle hier que Frédérik Monarque, âgé de seulement 19 ans, est décédé lors d’un très violent accident automobile à Saint-Bruno dans la nuit de vendredi à Samedi matin. Je ne connaissais pas Frederik, mais il était le neveu d’un collègue de travail…

C’est certain qu’il est difficile, voir même impossible, d’accepter le départ de quelqu’un à un si jeune âge, on peut simplement garder des précieux souvenirs et en tirer des leçons pour le futur.

Il n’y a pas encore de détails concernant les funérailles mais une page Facebook a été créée ou il devrait y avoir plus de renseignements.

L’enquête par les policiers sur l’évènement est toujours en cours, mais apparemment Frederik était un passager dans l’automobile quand le conducteur de 17 ans ait perdu la maîtrise et a heurté un arbre. Le conducteur, ainsi qu’un autre jeune passager, a été grièvement blessé…

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$300 off Tony Robbins UPW tickets for New York in March 2009Well, just 3 days left before the Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within 2009 show in the New York Area… scratch that – I’ve had many attendees confirm to me that the location of the event is indeed in New Jersey. More specifically, it will be at the Meadowlands Expo Center.

Some other people have contacted me about the best way to get last minute tickets. Sure, you can check out Craigslist or eBay, but at this point that’s pushing your luck a bit and IMHO the best buy is to get the tickets directly from the Anthony Robbins UPW 2009 online ticket site – where by the way, they’re still offering up to $300 off tickets. I stand corrected on my previous articles and reviews of Tony Robbins that they would never keep a ticket sale going until this close to the actual UPW seminar event date. Maybe the depressed economy and recession is holding back a lot of people from heading out to see Tony.

I still wish that I could be going to see Anthony Robbins live in action, but it will have to be for another time – preferably at a Canadian venue. :)

For those attending UPW 2009, here is a map to the Meadowlands Exposition Center:

Anthony Robbins UPW 2009 location map – full size

OK it’s lunchtime again and I realise this is probably not the most appetizing content to enjoy while dining, but I thought I would share this (graphic) video of how varicose vein stripping surgery is done. No, it isn’t a video of my actual surgery (hmm, 30 incisions would make for a long video) but it shows quiet clearly how it’s done. Not for the squeamish…

Alors, c’est l’heure de diner encore et je réalise que ceci n’est probablement pas le contenu le plus appétissant à savourer en dinant, mais je crois que je vais partager cette vidéo (assez directe) qui démontre comment se fait l’éveinage de veines varices. Non, ce n’est pas une vidéo de ma chirurgie (30 incisions … ca serai longue comme clip)… mais ca montre assez clairement comment c’est fait. Ce n’est pas pour les prudes…

UPDATED Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 : The discount pricing was set to expire on February 2nd, but as of 19:02 (7:02pm) EST the discounts are still available online – if you want to get the discount, it’s time to put in your order online now!

$500 off Tony Robbins UPW tickets for New York in March 2009Well, Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within seminar series is getting closer and closer – the show goes down March 12-15… in the “New York Area.” Yes, the area. I don’t know why they haven’t published a specific hotel or venue yet, nor even if it will be in an NYC borough or across the river in New Jersey, for that matter!

Nonetheless, the show is definitely on and they still have a few discount prices ($500 off!) left on some of the seats;

  • General admission tickets are $695 instead of $995
  • Executive tickets are $895 down from $1295
  • and finally VIP tickets are discounted to $1095 from $1595 (!!!)

These discount prices will expire on February 2nd…

The Diamond and Diamond Premiere tickets are the regular price of $2095 and 2595 respectively.

If any ticket holders or Tony Robbins staffers have information about exactly where the UPW event will be held in New York, please leave a note in the comments below. It sure would be helpful for those trying to plan accommodations. It is, after all, barely 7 weeks away!