costume-de-banane-del-monte-banana-costume-2016Ok, at first when I saw this on my bananas recently I thought… ok , that’s ridiculous… but after that, most of my colleagues, friends, spouses and family will probably agree, if ever there was a banana lover they knew: it’s me. Since I was a tiny little toddler… I always have loved bananas. So I think I’ll enter in the Del Monte halloween banana costume contest … it could be kinda cool to be disguised as a (pretty tall) banana for Halloween 2016 in 6-7 weeks!

Et oui, les bananes c’est excellent pour la santé, alors… qui sait, si je gagne ce concours, peut-être que je me déguiserai en banane (pas mal grande banane!) pour l’Halloween le 31 octobre 2016?

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