costume-de-banane-del-monte-banana-costume-2016Ok, at first when I saw this on my bananas recently I thought… ok , that’s ridiculous… but after that, most of my colleagues, friends, spouses and family will probably agree, if ever there was a banana lover they knew: it’s me. Since I was a tiny little toddler… I always have loved bananas. So I think I’ll enter in the Del Monte halloween banana costume contest … it could be kinda cool to be disguised as a (pretty tall) banana for Halloween 2016 in 6-7 weeks!

Et oui, les bananes c’est excellent pour la santé, alors… qui sait, si je gagne ce concours, peut-être que je me déguiserai en banane (pas mal grande banane!) pour l’Halloween le 31 octobre 2016?

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Sardine heads & guts ... OK, so those that know and/or love me also know that I love cooking and it’s a sort of pleasure, therapy, hobby and passion. That said, I just spent 45 minutes (literally) trying to clean, gut and fillet some sardines I had bought in the hope of an ‘easy’ meal.

Granted, I don’t have much experience (haven’t filleted, cleaned scales, or gutted a whole fish in at least 25 years) but I didn’t think it would be this much torment (and mess, and carnage, and on and on)…

Nonetheless, I soldiered on, and the ‘cleaned’ fishes are now marinating in the fridge in an EVOO blend of mediterranean oils, sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Stay tuned for the full recipe and outcome in another update… 🙂

Yes – sardines are immensely healthy (Omega 3) and also a bargain – if one doesn’t calculate the time to cook them if they’re not cleaned, scaled, gutted and filleted… 🙂

Whole Sardines Cleaned but not yet gutted

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This is spooky.

I was actually tempted to buy the Dunn’s smoked meat package (huge of course, probably about 2KG).. and now there are reports that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is warning consumers not to use the individual smoked meat packages sold at Costco.

These are the 1KG packages separated into 6 pouches each weighing 175g.

The UPC code is 4 00007 55699 7 and the expiry dates range between November 1 and November 8, 2008.

They’re reported to be sold in Costco Wholesale outlets in Quebec – but also in Ottawa and the Maritimes…

Interestingly enough on a side note, the product is not really made by Dunn’s directly, but apparently under license by a firm called Les Salaisons Desco Inc located in Boisbriand, Quebec.

A few official links about this:

Official CFIA Recall Information about the Dunn’s / Salaisons Desco recall

Les Salaisons Desco: this is mysteriously mysterious. A quick scan of several online research tools seems to preclude any obvious website for this company but some other info:

They are SERVICE ALIMENTAIRE DESCO INC. at 97 Boulevard Prevost, in Boisbriand, Quebec with a postal code of J7G 3A1 and phone number (450) 437-7182…

They also seem to have numbered company as 9027-8672 Québec Inc. and Les aliments Q’Rico…

None of this is unusual as foodservice provider entities are generally low profile.

Now, I have the urge for a medium smoked meat at Schwartz! :D

I spotted these frozen wild blueberries by President’s Choice at a nearby Provigo. A 600g bag sells for $3.99 – right next to it they have the Europe’s Best Woodland blueberries for $5.49 for roughly the same quantity.

President\'s Choice frozen wild blueberries

The Europe’s Best series of frozen fruits and vegetables are excellent flash-frozen quality… but President’s Choice is pretty hard to beat; generally equal or better quality for a competitive price.

In this case, it works out to about $6.70 per kilogram of the wild blueberries.

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Well, I finally decided on taking advantage of the lovely weather and doing a picnic lunch (instead of the usual $20-25 resto lunches for the three of us.

Tristan enjoying the swing

So after their swimming lessons, a quick run over to the adjacent park… some swinging followed by a nice simple lunch. Tristan, of course, wanted peanut butter on his sandwich whereas Zachary feasted on Double Fruit blueberry jam. They both had 3 sandwiches on that great pumpernickle bread, accompanied by Moishe’s dill pickles (the best ones!) …
Zachary enjoying the Double Fruit blueberry jam on pumpernickel bread..

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