So I spend the day checking out fridges at Sears – I had done some research online in advance, and here’s my situation:

  • I’m in an apartment, and my current fridge space is limited (buy surrounding cabinetry) to a max height of 69” and width of 33” – as for depth, well the counter depth is 24” but I don’t mind if the fridge sticks out a bit. I want the largest possible capacity within the physical constraints as I plan on moving into a house in the next 2 years and don’t want a fridge that will be too small.
  • I really want a bottom freezer model, primarily for ergonomics since I’m a bit over 6’4 and I don’t like having to continuously bend down to get to the stuff in the fridge… I use the fridge 5-10 times a day vs 1-2 openings of the freezer, so a fridge with the freezer on the bottom is a big plus for me.
  • side by side fridge / freezer model is interesting, but I don’t like the fact that in these models the freezer side is often far too narrow for wide frozen products such as pizza.

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