Oui, ce soir en retournant à la maison, j’ai arrêté au supermarché Maxi et Cie à Saint-Basile-le-Grand sur la rue Millénaire près de la route 116.

Il y’avait des vrais sapins de noël pour… $2.00 !!! Ils se vendaient pour $24.99 avant, et comme vous pouvez voir dans la photo, c’est que des arbres de 4-5 pieds.

Un bon deal? Mais quoi faire avec après noël ? Du bois d’allumage pour votre poêle à bois ? Compostage pour votre jardin au printemps 2011?

Yup, this evening while heading home, I stopped at the Maxi et Cie supermarket in Saint-Basile-le-Grand on Millenaire Street near Route 116.

They had natural Christmas trees for… $2.00 !!! They were selling for $24.99 previously, and as you can see in the photo, the trees are about 4-5 feet tall.

A good deal? But what does one do with them after Christmas? Perhaps as kindling for a wood stove? Compost for your garden in the spring of 2011?

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Well, I just managed to completely fix Tristan’s beloved Star Wars watch. A few months ago, he had forgotten to take it off his arm when enjoying the whirlpool bathtub at my mom’s place in the country… he was almost inconsolable upset and in tears when he realised that the watch was seemingly kaput for good by the water.

The FAB / Starpoint SW-WH-303 Star Wars watch is only US $5.99 on Amazon.com, but it was far more about his sadness at having broken the gift watch that his mother had bought for him – in addition, Zachary also has one.

Anyhow, so I had kept the watch aside for several months… and this weekend suggested to him that he put it on the Christmas tree in the hopes that Santa would perhaps repair it…

So, Santa being as busy as he/she is with all her deliverables these days, I figured I would give it a shot… took the case apart and reset it and magically all functions are working! It’ll be wrapped up and put back on the tree :) …

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