While driving around in the car with the boys, I started singing the refrain to “Funky Cold Medina” by Tone Loc, who arguably had/has one of the funkiest raspy voices around. Well, since I’m still working on my “acute” bronchitis, my voice was a bit like his (for the wrong reasons)… anyways, the boys giggled and asked me what I was singing. We then broke in to a discussion about funky vs. hip-hop… and then they said they had almost forgotten the Beastie Boys. I reminded them about the robots in the Intergalactic video, and the b-boys rapping as pseudo-teletubbies in the other video… and their eyes lit up and both wanted to watch it here tomorrow…. :P

The most recent tour (a couple of years ago) by the Beastie Boys

Always in their casual yet tenacious style, the B-boys want to remind all eligible US voters to get out there and exercise their right. To back it up, they’ve announced a “voter awareness tour” called Get out and Vote ‘08 which kicks off in several so-called swing (critical) states including the following shows which were just announced:

October 28 Richmond, VA at Richmond Coliseum
Beastie Boys along with Sheryl Crow / Jack Johnson / Norah Jones / Santogold
(wow what a line-up)

Nov 1 St. Paul, MN at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium
Beastie Boys / Ben Harper / Tenacious D
(another nice trio of top level artists)

Nov 2 Milwaukee, WI in the U.S. Cellular Arena
Beastie Boys / Ben Harper / Crosby & Nash / Tenacious D
Again C&N with B-Boys ? Wonder if they’ll do an on-stage mashup ?

I love how Adam, Mike and Adam finished off with “we are very excited about obama. hope you all feel the same.”


Here’s the full PR:

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Quick lunchtime food and food for thought…

Well, tonight’s the night! The last show I saw at the Bell Centre was the Beastie Boys and man was that a blast. Now granted, I haven’t been a fan of Kanye West since the mid-eighties as is the case with the B-boys but I sure am looking to hearing his words and grooving to his rhythms… as well as those of Rihanna.

I’m in a great seat (in great company mmmm) in the 100 level… and was surprised to see that Kanye tickets are still available … interestingly enough the resale price is about the same for 100-level reserved seats as they are for the floor seats which are general admission. The price for tickets varies between about $140-225 for the good ones (which were about $100 face value)…

Kanye West Glow in the Dark Tour Poster

I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like in reserved seating as opposed to being in GA on the floor. I was on the floor for the Beastie Boys and it was amazing… mind you, the arena sound reinforcement systems are designed to throw the sound and therefore a lot of people further back and higher (in the 300, 400 and loge levels) actually felt more bass than I perceived down on the floor.

I sure hope there’s enough low end…

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