Well, eHarmony is having another FCW “free communications weekend” starting on Friday, August 29th and running through the weekend until September 1st. Basically what this means is that you can send personalized messages to other eHarmony members. I strongly suggest you register at eHarmony and complete the eHarmony profile questionnaire on either eHarmony USA or eHarmony Canada *in advance of the free weekend* because it does take some time to do, and there are parts of the profile that may require approval by eHarmony moderators or staff.

If you’ve read my previous reviews of eHarmony, you’ll know that they have one of the most complete (300+ questions!) profiling systems in the dating world… also, the FCW doesn’t allow you to see photos of other members… so get in touch with the prospective member and ask them to send you a pic or two by email.

Lunchtime… lunch was marinated herring on Pumpernickel bread…. mmm.

Well, not to be outdone by eHarmony and their free weekend offer, PerfectMatch is having the same deal – use all their features for free this weekend.

If you decide to sign up, make sure to use their discount / promo offer which lets you save $79.00 off a 3-month PerfectMatch subscription.

I used PerfectMatch for a while but not in the last 5-6 months and at the time there were not that many Canadian members… this probably has changed. Worth checking out.

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Well, the site with the 300 questions to establish your “perfect” match in harmony is having a free communications weekend. Basically you get to use all their features (contacting other members, etc)… but you need to register at eHarmony in advance.

Free Communication Weekend

Interesting site, but man that was one serious set of questions… (and no, I never met anyone thanks to eHarmony … although I didn’t try that hard ;))

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I spotted these frozen wild blueberries by President’s Choice at a nearby Provigo. A 600g bag sells for $3.99 – right next to it they have the Europe’s Best Woodland blueberries for $5.49 for roughly the same quantity.

President\'s Choice frozen wild blueberries

The Europe’s Best series of frozen fruits and vegetables are excellent flash-frozen quality… but President’s Choice is pretty hard to beat; generally equal or better quality for a competitive price.

In this case, it works out to about $6.70 per kilogram of the wild blueberries.

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