UPDATED Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 : The discount pricing was set to expire on February 2nd, but as of 19:02 (7:02pm) EST the discounts are still available online – if you want to get the discount, it’s time to put in your order online now!

$500 off Tony Robbins UPW tickets for New York in March 2009Well, Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within seminar series is getting closer and closer – the show goes down March 12-15… in the “New York Area.” Yes, the area. I don’t know why they haven’t published a specific hotel or venue yet, nor even if it will be in an NYC borough or across the river in New Jersey, for that matter!

Nonetheless, the show is definitely on and they still have a few discount prices ($500 off!) left on some of the seats;

  • General admission tickets are $695 instead of $995
  • Executive tickets are $895 down from $1295
  • and finally VIP tickets are discounted to $1095 from $1595 (!!!)

These discount prices will expire on February 2nd…

The Diamond and Diamond Premiere tickets are the regular price of $2095 and 2595 respectively.

If any ticket holders or Tony Robbins staffers have information about exactly where the UPW event will be held in New York, please leave a note in the comments below. It sure would be helpful for those trying to plan accommodations. It is, after all, barely 7 weeks away!

Got a notice for an excellent deal on the impressive BBC Planet Earth Complete Series Blu-Ray set for only $34.99 at the Discovery Store … today only (until 23H59 December 15th!) at the Discovery Store.

Planet Earth DVD at Discovery store

The Planet Earth series (David Attenborough) has to be one of the most visually impressive series covering all the natural wonders of the planet. I think this is probably one of the first (and most essential) HD Blu-Ray discs worth buying. Of course, to play this you’ll need both a Blu-Ray player *and* ideally a full 1080i/p TV set. Otherwise they have the regular (non-HD) DVD set for $42.46.

What’s better? This includes FREE standard shipping inside the US. In addition, they do ship to Canada ($10) as well as the UK ($34.95 sort of kills it for my UK blokes)…

I saw a preview in the theatre yesterday for this and it’s pretty mesmerizing. Since it’s done by the BBC I’m pretty sure the content matches the visuals. Have a look at the Amazon reviews (Over 1800 reviews with average of 4.5+ stars)…

For reference, prices at other stores:

Amazon.com: $59.99

Amazon.ca (Canada): $74.99

Indigo / Chapters Canada: $87.46

Best Buy (USA): $64.99

BBC Canada Shop: 84.98

Even on eBay, the majority of starting auction prices are higher than $34.99 – and that doesn’t include shipping, and variable delays depending on which eBay seller you happen to wind up buying from. Mouse over the items in the widget below to see the current prices:

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This item is ALWAYS out of stock everywhere, it’s the Nintendo Wii Fit balance board and serves as the foundation for a variety of interactive exercise (and fun games) including yoga, dancing, skiing, surfing, snowboarding.

I just spotted it AVAILABLE in stock at Amazon Canada for $89.99 with free shipping… won’t last long…

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For all those looking for a great natural Christmas tree at a great price, I can heartily recommend Ikea… yes, Ikea and NO, no allen key is required to install this lovely natural pine tree. Ikea owns their own Christmas tree farms and they are managed – that is, all trees sold are replaced.

Zachary, Tristan and I were at the Boucherville Ikea around 840 EST this morning and there were MANY trees there (and few cars in the parking lot) … they had received a fresh batch that morning (or night before)… you have to go in to pay for the tree and get your $20 off $75 coupon.

That’s right – all their trees are $20 – and you get a $20 off $75 Ikea coupon valid as of January 2nd until March 2009. Well worth it.

We hauled the tree back (after having $1.00 and $1.99 breakfast plates with eggs, croissant, potatoes, sausage, bacon and/or mini-pancakes stuffed with apples) to the house. Later on, Zachary assisted in sawing off the 1/2 “ bit of the trunk and we all aligned and screwed it in the house upstairs. Their help was essential given that I’m still severely limping around following the surgery.

Now it smells lovely in here, and tomorrow we decorate it!

Pics forthcoming…

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Well, it’s time for yet another eHarmony Free Communications Weekend… this time it’s from tonight, Friday, November 21st until Sunday, November 21st at 11h59pm… yes, folks on the east coast get to benefit from an extra 3 hours of free communications until 2h59 EST.

Whats different (and rare) this time around? It’s a free communications weekend on both eHarmony.com (USA) and eHarmony Canada!

Malheureusement, eHarmony Canada n’a toujours pas d’interface en français… (hello, eHarmony, there are close to 9M French-speaking Canadians who love to date ;)

Now, in all honesty, I no longer use eHarmony, but in the past I have provided a few tips and tricks on getting the most out of eHarmony FCW events. Why are these free weekends so important? Well, because if you’ve ever used eHarmony you know that there is very little (read: nothing) you can do unless you pay for a full membership. No photos, no communication, nada.

So the most important thing to keep in mind during this FCW is to get past the “guided communication” aspects as *fast* as possible to get into personalised communication with the other person during the weekend. If you’re still stuck in the guided communications part by Sunday evening and the FCW finishes, well you’ll be no further along in finding out more about who the other person is.

Also, check my previous eHarmony posts for discount coupon codes for getting a subscription for less than the usual posted price… never pay retail. ;) Especially since the FCW does not include access to member photos …

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