A couple of weeks ago, I filmed a true armada of hundreds of Canada Geese flying overhead (I live near the Saint-Lawrence river on the South Shore of Montreal with 2 wildlife / bird sanctuaries within 3 kilometers)…

Given it’s now May and our high yesterday was a rainy wet and humid cold -9c … I wonder if they may have wished they had stayed down South!

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Well, yet another place where I hope to one day visit myself and introduce Zachary and Tristan to the wonders of our world.

Credit to Jon Rawlinson for this superb production on his Canon 5DMKII camera. It’s nothing about the camera but more about the talent of capturing the awesome scene. The song by Barcelona is perfect too.

It’s the Kuroshio Sea Tank at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan.

Pretty magical place to be with the people you love, no?

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