Well, apparently Sears Canada has their own way to memorialize Canadian fallen soldiers.

In a full page advertisement placed in the Metro Toronto Newspaper on page 29, Sears Canada proudly advertised a Remembrance Day only sale for tomorrow, November 11th. To make it even more alluring to forget about the 11th hour, they offer special deals for those who get into the store as fast as possible.

The advertisement and sale promotion was posted to many Canadian shopping bargain community sites, including RedFlagDeals and PriceNetwork – the reaction was swift and less than flattering. Instead of the usual discussion about what deals were really the best ones, it was overwhelmingly agreed that Sears had gone over the edge in trying to capitalise on what the marketing folks certainly saw as merely another “special event” promo opportunity.

There is, obviously, a difference in turning Halloween, Valentines and even Christmas in purely commercial opportunities… then again, perhaps this is what our extreme capitalist society (even here in Canada) has come to.


A few quotes from members of various online communities which I found indicative of the overall feeling about this controversy:

Lest we forget .. the savings.

– Noobzilla on RFD

first 11 people to stand at attention at 11am get a free $10 off their next purchase over $50 coupon.

please sears should be ashamed…

what’s next the 9/11 fire sale?

– liquid_paper on RFD

They died so we might get an extra 10% off sale-priced bed and bath products.

Nice. Way to honour those who served and those who died.

– Computer01 on RFD

If you’re interested in sharing your opinion with Sears Canada… you could try:

National Customer Service Centre

c/o President’s Office

500 College st. East

Belleville, Ontario

K8N 5L3

Phone: 888-473-2772

Fax: 613-391-3047

email: [email protected]

If you’re a Sears (SHLD) shareholder, write or call:

Sears Holdings Corporation (map)

3333 Beverly Road

Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

(847) 286-2500

Sadly, Sears is certainly not the only corporate citizen that doesn’t care too much about the importance of 11/11/11 … I noted while visiting the Promenades Saint-Bruno, one of the major Quebec shopping centres operated by real estate giant Cadillac Fairview that their shopping centre would be open on November 11th. I wonder if there will be any silence, never mind remembrance, in the mall at 11:00 EST tomorrow ?