So I voted for… / J’ai voté pour

On October 14, 2008, in Politics, by Robin

I was undecided between 3 parties up until yesterday, and even today I was see-sawing between 2 parties… the conundrum between contributing to the popular vote overall point spread, the local candidates platforms, which one of my local candidates’ web positioning (or lack thereof) appealed to me most…

and of course, the impact on which Federal leader my riding vote would ultimate commit to.

There are, of course, long term (long tail?) strategies involved in voting (keep in mind that tonights election numbers will be used as part of the long tail strategy for the elections in 2009 LOL…)

Anyhow, so today I was caught between two parties… and finally I decided in the last minute based on a blended analysis of metrics from analytics at various levels from a glocal point of view.

The important thing is to vote.

So, for those who follow my updates on Twitter, you already know that my riding polling station experience was most efficient!

That, combined with the lack of DART troop deployment and police escorting voters in and out (remember that happens in many countries)…, made the experience most satisfying.

We’ll see about the end result / endgame. My boys have already started learning about taxation and the reasons behind it.. from yours truly ;) ….

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