Well, it’s time for yet another eHarmony Free Communications Weekend… this time it’s from tonight, Friday, November 21st until Sunday, November 21st at 11h59pm… yes, folks on the east coast get to benefit from an extra 3 hours of free communications until 2h59 EST.

Whats different (and rare) this time around? It’s a free communications weekend on both eHarmony.com (USA) and eHarmony Canada!

Malheureusement, eHarmony Canada n’a toujours pas d’interface en français… (hello, eHarmony, there are close to 9M French-speaking Canadians who love to date ;)

Now, in all honesty, I no longer use eHarmony, but in the past I have provided a few tips and tricks on getting the most out of eHarmony FCW events. Why are these free weekends so important? Well, because if you’ve ever used eHarmony you know that there is very little (read: nothing) you can do unless you pay for a full membership. No photos, no communication, nada.

So the most important thing to keep in mind during this FCW is to get past the “guided communication” aspects as *fast* as possible to get into personalised communication with the other person during the weekend. If you’re still stuck in the guided communications part by Sunday evening and the FCW finishes, well you’ll be no further along in finding out more about who the other person is.

Also, check my previous eHarmony posts for discount coupon codes for getting a subscription for less than the usual posted price… never pay retail. ;) Especially since the FCW does not include access to member photos …

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