Tristan (with his black jersey teammates) won the St-Basile-le-Grand soccer U8 semi-finals!

Well it was perfect weather; sunny and about 22 Celsius… the field was pretty much dry and the two U8 teams were VERY closely matched with only one goal being scored by the black jerseys well into the 2nd half of the match. There was plenty of action at both ends of the field, both offensively and of course Tristan did a great job on defense.

He was most proud of his game, and the other team was a bit dejected after the game… but such is competitive sport, and it is about the fun after all.

Zach was onhand (and very happy to see me) and we cheered Tristan on – although Zachary wanted to play soccer with me :)

The final game is tomorrow morning! Bravo les gars!!

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