So, winter hadn’t even officially started yet, and Montréal and most of Québec got a big snow storm – about 30-35cm fell in most areas of Montreal and the suburbs.

Out in the country though, in particular at our country home in Rockburn (Hinchinbrook) Quebec, there was even more – 52.5cm of snow as measured by a neighbour. It’s located just north of the US border, and at the foot of Covey Hill which is probably the northern edge of the Appalachian Mountain range and Adirondack mountains. So we get a lot of run off.

As you can see, 2 days after the storm, there was still a massive amount of snow on the property, on the roof, and plenty of downed branches and a snapped 30 foot conifer evergreen!

Luckily I had the boys with me to help dig out my mom with a decent path to the house.


Good job needed to clear the roofs of snow!
Plenty of snow on the roof!

Romantic snow on trees but somewhat Narnia like
Shed covered with a good 40-45cm of snow 2 days after the storm
Hydro Quebec pole shows that the snow was really blowing in from the south...
Ladder covered with snow leaning on roof
Lots of snow accumulated near the front porch and entrance
40 foot evergreen conifer snapped in two due to heavy snow

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