Just finished watching an excellent CBC The Fifth Estate episode on ‘The Switch from Hell’ about the GM cover-up of their faulty ignition switch which would go from the ‘run’ to ‘accessory’ position thus causing loss of all power functions including power steering, power brakes and worst… air bag deployment. The situation caused the deaths of dozens of GM drivers of Pontiac Pursuit, Chevy Cobalt and Saturn Ion vehicles from the early to mid-2000 model years. Several Canadian victims were involved.

All of it seems to have revealed a culture of profit over even the most basic corporate (and human) responsibility …

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Nadia Laberge - 17 disparue depuis le 9 juillet 2014

Nadia Laberge – 17 ans, disparue depuis le 9 juillet 2014


Lisa Marie Kopecny disparue le 14 juillet 2014

Lisa Marie Kopecny – 16 ans,  disparue depuis le 14 juillet 2014

La police de Montréal (SPVM) sont à la recherche de deux jeunes femmes disparues dernièrement en juillet.

Il s’agit de Nadia Laberge de 17 ans et Lisa Marie Kopecny ayant 16 ans

Sardine heads & guts ... OK, so those that know and/or love me also know that I love cooking and it’s a sort of pleasure, therapy, hobby and passion. That said, I just spent 45 minutes (literally) trying to clean, gut and fillet some sardines I had bought in the hope of an ‘easy’ meal.

Granted, I don’t have much experience (haven’t filleted, cleaned scales, or gutted a whole fish in at least 25 years) but I didn’t think it would be this much torment (and mess, and carnage, and on and on)…

Nonetheless, I soldiered on, and the ‘cleaned’ fishes are now marinating in the fridge in an EVOO blend of mediterranean oils, sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Stay tuned for the full recipe and outcome in another update… :)

Yes – sardines are immensely healthy (Omega 3) and also a bargain – if one doesn’t calculate the time to cook them if they’re not cleaned, scaled, gutted and filleted… :)

Whole Sardines Cleaned but not yet gutted

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It’s moments like this,  steps away from my home in Varennes… Accompanied by music,  the sounds of birds in their sanctuary,  the lapping of waves,  thoughts of those I truly love – and truly reciprocally love me…. That keep me going! Despite the worst adversity.

Le parc frayère Saint-Charles à Varennes est absolument recommandé… Sans doute un endroit relativement peu connu comment mais très magique.

Note : mosquitoes,  moustiques….


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A couple of weeks ago, I filmed a true armada of hundreds of Canada Geese flying overhead (I live near the Saint-Lawrence river on the South Shore of Montreal with 2 wildlife / bird sanctuaries within 3 kilometers)…

Given it’s now May and our high yesterday was a rainy wet and humid cold -9c … I wonder if they may have wished they had stayed down South!

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