costume-de-banane-del-monte-banana-costume-2016Ok, at first when I saw this on my bananas recently I thought… ok , that’s ridiculous… but after that, most of my colleagues, friends, spouses and family will probably agree, if ever there was a banana lover they knew: it’s me. Since I was a tiny little toddler… I always have loved bananas. So I think I’ll enter in the Del Monte halloween banana costume contest … it could be kinda cool to be disguised as a (pretty tall) banana for Halloween 2016 in 6-7 weeks!

Et oui, les bananes c’est excellent pour la santé, alors… qui sait, si je gagne ce concours, peut-être que je me déguiserai en banane (pas mal grande banane!) pour l’Halloween le 31 octobre 2016?

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Porsche 911 GT3 RS dans l'eau à AmsterdamUne assez rare Porsche 911 GT3 RS a plongée dans le canal Oostwetering à Amsterdam… selon un employé du concessionnaire, il s’agit d’un erreur de la part du mécanicien en déplaçant la Porsche – 500 chevaux, couleurs classiques de Gulf Racing qui se vend pour 248,000 Euros (environs $365,000)

En regardant les photos ci-dessous (avec d’autres Porsches stationnées près du canal) on se demande pourquoi ils ont pas pensé mettre des barricades pour éviter ces erreurs.

La bonne nouvelle ? Selon le concessionnaire, le moteur n’aurait pas été endommagé par l’eau et ça nécessitera que quelques réparations à la carrosserie. Fiou!

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He’s one of my favorite recent rap musicians and I came across this excellent TED talk by Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi) about his challenges from being a young teen & going forward to live his passion and pursuit for happiness… wise words from this 31 year old success story who’s super down to earth.

A must see for my boys (and any other young person)…

and a couple of my favourite music tracks from him (keep in mind, he’s being sarcastic and self-deprecating with his lyrics and visuals … 🙂):

Day n Nite




The Pursuit of Happiness



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Cherish every moment with those you love…

On November 27, 2015, in Health, Kids, Love, by Robin

It may sound cliché, but as one grows older and wiser… we learn of the value to cherish and live the moment completely at each moment with those we love and care about. Because we never know when they may not be with us next.



I’m a pretty big fan of decent (i.e. well documented and researched) investigative journalism, and for that reason I’ve been a long time fan of CTV W5.

Tonight, I happened to tune in by chance, and the episode is about car & truck dealerships in Calgary with shady and deceptive advertising practices.

So, first up, Woodridge Ford, which in their newsprint advertisement mentions 420 Ford F-150 trucks in stock (!?) as low as $399 a month. So off they go with hidden cameras… of course, the F-150 pickup shown in the ad can’t be found, but a similar model is found (after a while) in the showroom… but to keep that $399… one has to make an annual ‘contribution’ of $2250 (over 3 years!) to maintain that $399 rate … if not, up it goes to $587 a month! Obviously, given a fail notice by the APA with scathing commentary by George Iny.

Then, T&T Honda…

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